Raffi Kodikian

    Insurance Industry

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    In 2004, Raffi Kodikian started his career in the insurance industry in San Francisco. He began at the bottom, working as an administrative assistant and office manager, but he advanced rapidly through the ranks, eventually becoming an Assistant Broker. Raffi didn't have to wait long before he began brokering his own accounts, with a concentration on Lawyers Professional Liability, working on program business in addition to open-brokerage products.


    Lawyers Professional Liability immediately became the cornerstone of his book given the volume of attorneys in California, and ever since that time Raffi has placed coverage for businesses of all sizes and Areas of Practice. Raffi is an insurance broker. Although he has placed businesses in every state in the United States, his primary concentration has been on companies based in California because that state's market is unlike any other in the country.


    Raffi Kodikian received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Northeastern University in Boston in the year 1997.


    Raffi is originally from the Philadelphia metropolitan area, where he spent his formative years as a devoted supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles. These days, though, he is better recognized by the moniker he has earned: Champ.


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